Connie Wier
Connie Wier

Hi. I’m Connie Wier.

I’m a graphic designer and photographer, a creative-analytical type who is hard-working and looks for ways to think outside-of-the box. I love to help people by designing and implementing systems to make the work of promotion and marketing efficient and effective.

I have over 15 years’ experience in design, photography and marketing to help businesses and organizations communicate visually to their target audiences.

I get excited for what could be and work hard to make it happen – in life and work!


What my clients say:

“I just noticed you got your own website up and running and I have to say its about time.  I know you’re so busy helping others its been hard to find time to promote yourself, so if you ever need a referral please pass my contact info along.  Connie your help in designing our website has truly separated us from our competition, being a small electrical contractor in San Diego is not the easiest of tasks, but with your help it has made things run much smoother and now instead of competing for small residential projects we our now competing with the big contractors and can regularly be found in LAX International Airport.  I love the fact that I can always count on you for not only a great product but being able to always get a timely response if I need your help on a project.  I originally thought you would just create a website just so I could add it to my list of contacts on my business card, but with as good of a job as you did now I insist people go to our website to check us out, it is great.  Even on our small requests you always hit out of the park and I can explain something to you and usually you have it dialed in to perfection within a single revision, previous vendors we have used for your field never seem to see my vision and I would get so frustrated doing revision after revision and settle for a mediocre result due to frustration.  Now I truly feel I have found the best in the business and will always have you as part of our team.

Thanks again,
Rod Benesh