Let me help you along yout pathDo you have an idea about how you want to promote your business, your program or event, but need someone to visually communicate it to your target audience? Or maybe you’re overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start and you need someone to create a visual brand for you? Perhaps you know exactly what you need and want, but don’t have the time to create a professionally designed brochure, business card, an e-newsletter or build a website and want someone to outsource it to. If so, let me help!

I provide research, expertise and implementation of design, marketing, and recruitment ideas to promote your business, programs and events including:
• Logo Design
• Brochure & Postcard Design
• Poster, Flyer and Invitation Design
• Magazine, Booklet & Newsletter Design and Layout
• Event Marketing, Registration and Survey Data Collection
• Promotional Product Design (t-shirts, magnets, pens, chip clips, bags, etc.)
• Event Planning and Event Display Design
• E-Newsletter Design
• Development and Management of E-Marketing Database
• PowerPoint Presentation Design
• Social Media Marketing Management
• Website/Blog Design and Maintenance using WordPress
• Digital Photography (shooting, lighting, editing and photo retouching)

How can I help you?  Let’s design!